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Oct. 16th, 2016 06:18 pm
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I want to devour my favorite books again, fuck
the ones I "need" to read because they will "dazzle" and
"compel" me, and anyway if I ever see "tour de force"
on another back cover I will throw up and die. I want to
eat more grains. I want to write poetry that consumes

my sadness, spins it into candelit softness and homemade
truths. I want to bake cookies. Buy lipstick. I want to kiss
the love of my life with dry leaves on the ground; I want
the leaves to understand that falling doesn't have to mean
hurting yourself. I want to stop buying lipstick. I want to
think hard about holing up in a cabin in the woods forever,
and then I want to stop thinking about it. I want to cry

at the front row of a Bon Iver show: for the agony,
I'd rather know
. I want to buy date-me heels and not
wear them, I want to take photos and not post them. I want
to be right and not show it--I want to learn that some
things are best kept to myself. I want to keep things.
I want to let go only when I'm ready. I want to say
"let's go" almost always. I want take-offs and landings. I
want to be safe and brave at the same time. I want to quit
drinking but I probably won't. I want to write more
lists. I want to stop writing lists. I want to leave

room for surprises. Don't you? I want too leave spaces
blank. I want to leave a few boxes unchecked.

Black Sails fic recs

Oct. 12th, 2016 01:09 pm
marina: (Default)
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Hello! So, in the last 2 weeks I:

* moved
* THAT DAY got hella sick
* remained sick (fever, vomiting, meds) and essentially bedridden for 7 days
* went back to work desperately trying not to pass out
* and also handle my new apartment that I haven't touched since moving day
* and somehow live there as if it's comfortable and livable already
* while being sick and going to work
* finally, I'm now on vacation for 2 weeks! \\\\o////
* I'm not really doing anything special, but hey it's time off, and I'm basically planning to use as much of it to chill and not do the things I usually do as possible.

I still owe so many people responses and emails and just, so many chores have piled up /o\

But I can't deal with not having any posts up in this space anymore (I keep thinking about all the posts I want to write and it makes my brain overcrowded), so let's have something light and useful to the people. FIC RECS!

So over the last few weeks as I've been watching Black Sails (let me tell you, getting sick was definitely conducive to rewatching the whole show again) I've been going over AO3 and basically clicking on everything. My favorite fics so far have been two longer fics with a plot, and then a bunch of lovely PWPs.

Under the cut I will present them in that order. All are Flint/Silver (I honestly didn't seek out that pairing, it's just what I ended up liking of everything I've read) and some take place after season 3 so, under the cut.

recs )


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