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sorcerer_front mech.indd Sorcerer to the Crown UK PB

I did a little post about my Disney’s Gargoyles feels for the Tor UK blog to celebrate! Gargoyles was so good. *_* If you’ve been waiting for the paperback, here’s where you can buy the book!

Penguin Random House
Barnes & Noble
Hudson Booksellers

Pan Macmillan
WH Smith
Amazon UK

These sites offer free shipping worldwide
Book Depository (US and UK editions available)
Wordery (UK edition only)

I had all these great plans to write more Publishing Journey posts around this time but er I’m a bit busy at the moment. Once I’ve emerged from the haze of book 2 rewrites and day job stuff I’ll do more! In September it’ll be a year since Sorcerer came out so that might be a good time. Do leave a comment, email or let me know on Twitter or Facebook if there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about my experiences of writing and publishing.

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4 things make a post

Jul. 26th, 2016 01:33 pm
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Life has been... yesterday I woke up and the water felt like acid against my eyes. There's a level of exhaustion where your eyes start to ache without the ability to tear up anymore. It's not a good thing when that level of exhaustion is where you are on the first morning of a work week.

Yesterday I went to sleep at 9:30pm and today woke up... merely human levels of exhausted. Like, yawning through work, mild headache, difficulty focusing tired, instead of about to collapse tired. Sigh.

Anyway, I have nothing to report or update, so instead let me just share some cool things.

1. I saw a rec for this story on twitter and it's turned out to be absolutely amazing. Part fanfic, part poem, part parody, part original SFF: Especially Heinous: 272 Views of Law & Order SVU. Ostensibly it's a short reaction/reivew/summary of every episode of L&O: SVU that's ever aired, but really it's... something else entirely. A factual description of what happens on the show, and a description that has nothing to do with the show at the same time. Over the seasons it develops its own plot, with its own AU and shipping, and the ending is straight out of fandom's greatest desire.

It's difficult to summarize this story, or to pick one except to demonstrate all that it is. I'm torn between quoting something profound and something hilarious, since this story has both. The hilarious bits are mostly one-liners, strewn like punctuation. I literally laughed out loud every time I hit one. But I'll have to quote a sequence without them:

“Misleader”: Father Jones has never touched a child, but when he closes his eyes at night, he still remembers his high school girlfriend: her soft thighs, her lined hands, the way she dropped off that roof like a falcon.

“Chat Room”: Convinced that her teenaged daughter is in danger from cyber predators, a father takes a crowbar to the family computer. He throws the remaining pieces into the fireplace, strikes a match. His daughter complains of a light head, a burning in her chest. She calls him “Mom” with tears in her voice. She dies on a Saturday.

“Contact”: Stabler discovers that his wife believes she saw a UFO, back when she was in her early twenties. He lies awake all night, wondering if this explains the memory loss, the PTSD, the night terrors. His wife wakes up weeping and screaming, on cue.

“Remorse”: At night, Stabler makes a list of the day’s regrets. “Didn’t tell Benson,” he scrawls. “Ate more burrito than I had room for. Misspent that gift card. Hit that guy harder than I meant to.” His wife comes up behind him and rubs his shoulder idly before crawling into bed. “Haven’t told my wife today. Will probably not tell her tomorrow.”

Just. READ THIS STORY. It's so good. It's part essay, part fiction, part fanfic, and wholly wonderful.

2. One of my friends who started out as a nail polish blogger has been quietly making jewelry for the last few years, and now, finally, has launched her own store on Etsy. I'm super excited about this because she is, like me, a child immigrant, and getting herself to a place where she could admit to being an artist and taking a risk has been pretty huge. Anyway, this is her store.

The jewelry is all pretty affordable and she ships worldwide. For me highlights include: this Slytherin owl, sunflower bracelet, rose guitar pendant and the steampunk owl.

And of course, if you know people who might be into this kind of jewelry, spreading the word would be appreciated.

3. So I've recced [archiveofourown.org profile] emungere's fics here before - I think I've read her Hannibal stuff dozens upon dozens of times by now - and now I'm reccing her original fic (which I... don't think I've done before? Maybe I have). She's about to release the 4th book in her original series, and so for a day the first book was free on amazon. However I am a giant failboat who's been buried under stuff and I didn't realize this was happening until it was too late to fit it into a post.

So, Songs You Know By Heart is now 0.99$, which I think is still a pretty sweet deal. I enjoyed this book a lot, it deals with a lot of weird issues regarding consent and does so reasonably well, I think. If you want any spoilers I'm here for that, of course.

4. Two small things happened lately that made me think the universe doesn't ENTIRELY hate me. A few days ago in one of my mad dashes in between a billion things, I had to go to the pool (therapy for my back, which is now on a very specific schedule since I have a therapist for a while), and when I got dressed after swimming -> hot tub -> shower, I found a clean pair of underwear in my pool bag. I cannot describe from a gesture from above that was. I hadn't packed it! Because I forgot, as usual. My pool bag is like 50% clothes and objects that I really should have taken upstairs and washed but keep forgetting. And here! A clean pair of underwear! O_O I felt blessed.

And then today, my building at work, which is a pokestop, had a lure module plugged in by someone who wasn't me. I went to buy a soda and spent like 20 minutes sitting on the porch catching pokemon. It was SO GREAT. Which is to say, [personal profile] inkstone has started [community profile] pokestop! For all the Pokemon Go gamers who are on DW.

this week. oh my god.

Jul. 21st, 2016 10:04 am
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This week has been... non-stop. In that "I'm about to collapse" way. Here's a sample of just 3 days.

Tuesday to Thursday )


Jul. 18th, 2016 12:31 pm
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I apparently have thoughts that are too long for twitter.

spoilers for 2x03 )

Weekend report

Jul. 17th, 2016 09:19 am
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This weekend was weirdly social. I had a shitty week but because I'm technically homeless making plans with people on the weekend can be problematic because I never know when I'll be in the city and when I'll be at my parents', so I didn't really have any weekend plans. Which would have been OK, but then my adviser said to call him Friday morning and just. JUST. No. That was a real threat to ruining everything.

But! Instead I managed to have lots of social fun with people in other countries thanks to the internet. It was GREAT and I feel the need to document this.

I originally called my adviser in the morning, like he asked, and he of course said he was busy and could I call in the afternoon. (UGGGGH. UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!)

So then I had a lovely conversation with [personal profile] tevere who's currently in Indonesia, and we talked about how depressing the writing trade was and I got to hear her lovely Australian accent and a billion fun things were discussed, and as usual I was struck by how I wish I could just live right next door to this person I've never met IRL and who I've been friends with for years. Rather, this author of fiction that matters to me that I've managed to befriend. That's the best feeling and the greatest privilege of fandom.

I then had lunch/dinner from an American BBQ place I've never tried before and everything was decadent and delicious. I've discovered the secret to weekend happiness for me is, on days when I'm mostly home, eating once a day. I don't know how that makes sense, but there's just something about having one big meal around 1-2pm, with an appetizer and dessert and tea, stretched over like an hour, enjoying the fuck out of that food and not having to worry about eating again that day that just... is really efficient and suitable for my lifestyle. If I'm doing something in the morning (like the stressful call to my adviser that required prep) I'll have a snack like a fried egg or a piece of bread.

After that I joined [twitter.com profile] curiousflowers and [twitter.com profile] the_emef for a viewing of an Oz episode! [twitter.com profile] curiousflowers is watching the show for the first time, so [twitter.com profile] the_emef and I joined her for a season three episode, all of us in different timezones. I haven't watched stuff in a group over chat for a long time! (Maybe ever?) It was GREAT even though it took me a while to get the episode to work and a few minutes before the end I had to call my adviser again (UGH) so I had to leave the chat early. (I'm pretty sure the three of us met thanks to hockey fandom, and it's such a cool feeling to make friends who travel with you from fandom to fandom.)

Of course the call with my adviser took longer than I hoped. Of course half his "DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO READ" comments were basically spur of the moment exaggerations and with half of them he did the "I'm not apologizing, but meh, just disregard that" thing. He's right that I have lots of work to do, which I knew from the first time I read his comments, but at least he was a lot more encouraging and "I believe in you" and "you could surpass all my other students" on the phone. I made a shit ton of notes, and made a tentative game plan. He wants me to take at least 4 weeks to really think about things and do thorough work, god knows if I manage to get that done without taking time off work which I currently can't really afford. Ugh.

Anyway, after that it was time for chores like laundry and cleaning up and just generally sorting out stuff I didn't have time for during the week. I enjoy those chores so, it was nice to have time for them. I chilled out for a while, watching stuff, and then felt up for some editing.

The novella is in its final stages (I already sent it to one publisher to avoid missing a deadline, but the real final version is the one I'm working on now) and there's another venue that closes in July where I'm hoping to submit it. Again, this is just to check all the boxes, I'm 99.9% sure it won't be accepted and I'll self publish it by the end of the year. It's one of those things where, I think it's a good story, it's worth a reader's time and money, but it's literally the first long thing I wrote as an adult. It has its limitations and its flaws. And again, I'm happy with it, and I think people will enjoy it, but it's not as friendly to commercial publishers as stuff I'm working on now.

Anyway, it's great to be at this stage when I'm editing SO FAST because the edits are so superficial. Like it's amazing to read most scenes and be like "this is fine. I need to change this sentence and add a few words here, but this is done." It's a very cool feeling. I still have no idea whether I'll be able to finish these edits by the end of July (I mean, fast is relative in this business), but. It's the most fun I've had editing, lol.

In the evening I went out for a walk and to catch some pokemon and then watched another episode with [twitter.com profile] curiousflowers \o/

The next day I was at my parents', got some more editing done, had some delicious food, and in the evening got sucked into watching the first episode of Barracuda, which is an Australian TV show set in the 90s about a kid from a marginalized background attending a ~top school~ to become an Olympic swimmer. You can watch the first episode on youtube. For me it got top marks in the homoeroticism department and the Teaching Me About Australian Culture department (it's cool for 4 teenage boys to come over to their coach's house for a sleepover for no reason, be given booze and sit quietly while they're read poetry about naked swimmers, OK, COOL) but sadly I've been spoiled by hockey fandom to expect more from sports narratives, lol. Like, clearly the sport isn't the point here (just an excuse to have the protagonists shirtless and wet a lot) and I was like NO BUT WHERE ARE THE SPORTS STAKES which is BIZARRE and 100% hockey's fault.

(It kind of gave me an itch to rewatch Legend #17, which is still my favorite sports movie of all time, because it manages to not only have super high stakes sports plot and a super high stakes personal plot but also to marry those things to Soviet politics and the extremely high stakes of sports politics and bureaucracy.)


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