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Is it to love, to fix the tender gaze,
    To hide the timid blush, and steal away;
    To shun the busy world, and waste the day
In some rude mountain’s solitary maze?
Is it to chant one name in ceaseless lays,
    To hear no words that other tongues can say,
    To watch the pale moon’s melancholy ray,
To chide in fondness, and in folly praise?
    Is it to pour th’ involuntary sigh,
To dream of bliss, and wake new pangs to prove;
    To talk, in fancy, with the speaking eye,
Then start with jealousy, and wildly rove;
    Is it to loath the light, and wish to die?
For these I feel,—and feel that they are love.

source: The Poetical Works of the late Mrs Mary Robinson, Mary Robinson. London, 1806.
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This week, a sampling of -- well, I was going to say pre-20th century female poets, but a couple earliest 20th century poems from prorogated Victorians snuck into the basket. But all more than a century old, anyway.

To the Fair Clarinda, Who Made Love to Me, Imagined More Than Woman

Fair lovely maid, or if that title be
Too weak, too feminine for nobler thee,
Permit a name that more approaches truth:
And let me call thee, lovely charming youth.
This last will justify my soft complaint,
While that may serve to lessen my constraint;
And without blushes I the youth pursue,
When so much beauteous woman is in view,
Against thy charms we struggle but in vain
With thy deluding form thou giv’st us pain,
While the bright nymph betrays us to the swain.
In pity to our sex sure thou wert sent,
That we might love, and yet be innocent:
For sure no crime with thee we can commit;
Or if we should—thy form excuses it.
For who, that gathers fairest flowers believes
A snake lies hid beneath the fragrant leaves.

Thou beauteous wonder of a different kind,
Soft Cloris with the dear Alexis joined;
When ere the manly part of thee, would plead
Thou tempts us with the image of the maid,
While we the noblest passions do extend
The love to Hermes, Aphrodite the friend.

source: Early Modern Women’s Writing, ed. Paul Salzman. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.

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Sep. 21st, 2014 12:33 am
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I got really bored and thus I am now on Facebook. I am kind of not seeing the big deal about it, tbh. I'll probably just use it for my dissertation research and chatting with friends but the bulk of my personal life blogging will still remains here on DW, and on Tumblr.

Today was a complete bust. I didn't even have breakfast. I walked outside a couple of times but that was it.

I, uh, found a funnel spider living on my dustpan if that counts as something interesting.

from Sublimation | Anne Michaels

Sep. 19th, 2014 12:18 pm
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Once you called at midnight
to talk about Hindemith,
to tell me how his overtones connect each bar,
invisible thread, sounds we can't hear.
These harmonics guide us through the music, resolve
the twelve tones like mist in a valley,
the reflection of sky in water,
the illusion that what's unnamed remains unformed.
Our voices connected by black wire,
words carried on waves.

We are the strain and stress of a line,
the poem's tension singing in each black wire
of words, and between the first line and the last.
We are the angle of light that burns water,
the point of intersection that creates perspective.

You have lived Brecht's parable of the Chalk Circle.
When I was caught in the middle, you let go
so I wouldn't be torn to pieces.
Your actions have taught me what it is to love -
that it's holding back, as well as holding.

For the first time I'm going
where you can't join me. I know that home
is the one place you won't come.
But you of all people must understand -
the need to hear my language in every mouth.
I can't think in America.

I've never let myself describe you
and now there's no time left
your meaning spills out of me
like the essence of an atom cracking
on the edge of speed's bowl,
liquid in its longing to become part of something else,

Flesh moves to become spirit.
You were the only one to understand my conversion.
Many people have asked me about God;
my proof is manifestation,
that God can be called
'getting over fear'.

I wanted badly that truth be a single thing;
now I know it won't be measured.

It wasn't Heisenberg or Hindemith, but you
who convinced me
that nothing can be unravelled to its core,
that truth is a field, a cage, a cloud of sound.
How else to reconcile the faces of those running away
with the faces of those turning away,
with the faces of those in uniform - that hair-shirt
that says more about a man than his eyes
because you can't tell the parts of his face
that are his.
How else to encompass both that crying and those
orders; the sound of my own voice
begging, and my voice telling jokes to the man
without shoes beside me on a train;
how else to encompass the moon's chilling scream
as it calls out in its bad sleep above the earth
and your voice on the phone,
waking me in Paris, Los Angeles, New York.

Prayer | Carol Ann Duffy

Sep. 19th, 2014 02:29 am
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Some days, although we cannot pray, a prayer
utters itself. So, a woman will lift
her head from the sieve of her hands and stare
at the minims sung by a tree, a sudden gift.

Some nights, although we are faithless, the truth
enters our hearts, that small familiar pain;
then a man will stand stock-still, hearing his youth
in the distant Latin chanting of a train.

Pray for us now. Grade 1 piano scales
console the lodger looking out across
a Midlands town. Then dusk, and someone calls
a child's name as though they named their loss.

Darkness outside. Inside, the radio's prayer -
Rockall. Malin. Dogger. Finisterre.

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Sep. 18th, 2014 01:03 pm
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Yesterday from around 10am to 3pm, I was on a Peer Panel for the orientation for Masters level international students. Practically none of them were in Humanities, which made me wish I went to the PhD one too. It was pretty fun. My co-panelist was an Environmental Toxicology PhD from Zimbabwe and we covered a pretty huge range of topics.

I also tried using my new Asus Transformer in bed last night and it worked out pretty great! But I feel really bad at how many fingerprints I left on the thing at the end of the night.

This morning I went with HH to Best BUy so I could get a new micro-USB adapter for my ASUS, because I am kind of over using plug converters when getting local adapters is so much cheaper than it used to be. I need to clear my table, write a letter, go see the doctor (and the apologize for making an appointment for a Pap and having to tell her that my period JUST started).

I also need to figure out what to do about my garden. It's covered by a lot of leaves right now which are never going to mulch properly in this weather. I found my earthworms, but they're using their humus as bedding right now, so I'll have to fix that tonight. I think I also just need more earthworms, speed up production.


Sep. 18th, 2014 09:40 am
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Last day at work before vacation! \o/

Have so much shit to do, both in terms of travel arrangements and actual work /o\

Clients are going batshit because I'm ~leaving for a month~. In fact I am only going to be gone for 10 working days, the rest of the time the university will be closed anyway, but everyone is being SO UNREASONABLE about this I've started telling people about my upcoming travel rather defensively. SEVERAL people have already used my vacation to somehow imply I'm not working hard enough/my department is screwing them over/etc. Consider that I do not take ANY DAYS OFF during the year in order to take one long vacation in the fall! FFS!

Like, a new client has insisted that we have a "kick off" meeting today. TODAY ON MY LAST DAY before vacation. WHY. The uni will be closed for most of the next month! You will not be at work either! CAN'T WE JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET BACK?

Ugh, a lot of panic like that, and a lot of accusations. "It's all well and nice that you're going away for a month but what are we going to do with this project that isn't done yet????" well, client, AS YOU KNOW, the reason it's not done is not up to me, it's because of IT who can't get their shit together and I have no control over that, and even after I'll leave THERE WILL BE SOMEWHERE HERE YOU CAN TALK TO about your needs during the TEN DAYS over the next month when you will actually be at work. It's not an apres moi le deluge situation! There will still be people here to take care of urgent issues on my projects while I'm away!

Ugh, clients.

ETA: to make this entry something other that 100% whining, have a lovely poem:

To Growing Girls Who Dream of Neverland
by S.T. Gibson

Peter’s not coming, darling. )

Machines | Michael Donaghy

Sep. 17th, 2014 12:02 pm
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Dearest, note how these two are alike:
This harpsicord pavane by Purcell
And the racer’s twelve-speed bike.

The machinery of grace is always simple.
This chrome trapezoid, one wheel connected
To another of concentric gears,
Which Ptolemy dreamt of and Schwinn perfected,
Is gone. The cyclist, not the cycle, steers.
And in the playing, Purcell’s chords are played away.

So this talk, or touch if I were there,
Should work its effortless gadgetry of love,
Like Dante’s heaven, and melt into the air.

If it doesn’t, of course, I’ve fallen. So much is chance,
So much agility, desire, and feverish care,
As bicyclists and harpsicordists prove

Who only by moving can balance,
Only by balancing move.

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Sep. 16th, 2014 11:35 pm
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My OKCupid Adventures Tumblr tag is updated with the latest and greatest from my month in Malaysia!

Also, a prospective name for a hypothetical SEAsian SFF regional con.

Also I feel the need to let people know that the Octavia Butler Legacy Network is looking to hold a conference commemorating ten years of her passing in February 2016.

I woke up at a decent hour but only got out of the house around 10am. Bad idea. Anyway, I got a check for my Mothership reprint and went to deposit it, then went to get more eyedrops. I stopped in AT&T for a new phone and the guy was so intent on selling me a new plan he spent around forty minutes trying to get me a thing with data even though I don't use data that much. I'm looking at this phone, the LG Xpression 2, mostly because it has a QWERTY keyboard and who can get enough of things to write with. The thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have an FM radio in it. (I don't really care for loading a phone with my own music and prefer to listen to the radio.)

Then I walked to campus to get my office key, check my mailbox (I have a box of books, yay!), check out my office. I'm back in 2414, which is smaller than the last one I was in. My officemate has been using it over the summer and practically colonized the whole place, so I told her to move her crap off the table I'm using and clear half the shelves. She's got the bigger table so I'm moving mine closer to the computer table so I can move between my workstation and the computer station more easily.

I then wandered over to the Health Center to make my appointment for my follow-up pap smear (among my many letters was a printed letter from my doctor stating very firmly I needed to come in for my pap) and then because it was too hot to be real, I went to the sub place nearby for a sandwich. Then I skedaddled home and haven't been back out since. It is aggressively hot out.

I'm gonna be at the International Student Orientation all day tomorrow. It's for the Masters students and apparently they didn't have enough Masters students to be on the peer panel so I volunteered. Good thing, I think, because the PhD orientation was today and I kind of was not in any shape to do it.

belief in magic | dean young

Sep. 17th, 2014 09:00 am
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How could I not?
Have seen a man walk up to a piano
and both survive.
Have turned the exterminator away.
Seen lipstick on a wine glass not shatter the wine.
Seen rainbows in puddles.
Been recognized by stray dogs.
I believe reality is approximately 65% if.
All rivers are full of sky.
Waterfalls are in the mind.
We all come from slime.
Even alpacas.
I believe we’re surrounded by crystals.
Not just Alexander Vvedensky.
Maybe dysentery, maybe a guard’s bullet did him in.
I believe there are many kingdoms left.
The Declaration of Independence was written with a feather.
A single gem has throbbed in my chest my whole life
even though
even though this is my second heart.
Because the first failed,
such was its opportunity.
Was cut out in pieces and incinerated.
I asked.
And so was denied the chance to regard my own heart
in a jar.
Strange tangled imp.
Wee sleekit in red brambles.
You know what it feels like to hold
a burning piece of paper, maybe even
trying to read it as the flames get close
to your fingers until all you’re holding
is a curl of ash by its white ear tip
yet the words still hover in the air?
That’s how I feel now.

well then.

Sep. 16th, 2014 12:49 pm
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Yesterday I took a sick day at work to get some traveling related errands done.

I managed almost none of those errands, and acquired new ones besides >:( Thanks, government offices, it's been real.

Day before yesterday my aunt from Germany called and asked if I'd like a free day trip to Amsterdam the day after I arrive at their place. It would mean little sleep and many hours on a bus, and then two more days of traveling to Berlin. Like an idiot, I didn't get back to her in time (there was a very narrow window) and so passed on the trip :/ I mean, I know why I didn't get back to her - I was, in that moment, so utterly exhausted that the thought of lack of sleep NEXT WEEK while I'll BE ON VACATION was too depressing to contemplate.

At least I got some packing done. It seems average temperatures during my trip will range from 14c (Hanover, London) to 25c (Marseilles), which is such a joy to pack for! 14c means literally the warmest clothes I own and 25c is the clothes I wear at the height of summer. This is extra lovely considering most of my clothes are packed away in storage containers at my parents'. At least I've discovered I have an ample amount of pants to take with me. That's half the job done right there, I suppose.

Also, let me just whine for a moment about how utterly terrible I look while traveling :/ I think the only trip where I was dressed reasonably has been India last year, because the weather was exactly what I'm used to so all my regular clothes fit the bill. My winter wardrobe is in a sad state of affairs, and I've been putting off dealing with it for a few years because you know, I can make it through a couple of months of work wearing ugly sweaters, and I have 1-2 winter outfits for when I need to wear something nice. I make what amounts to minimum wage in this city, so I prioritized summer clothes (and what I could afford to buy was super cheap/plain, but at least comfortable and fitting).

Anyway, I dug out a bunch of stuff and tried on clothes and whatever to see what I'd pack, and basically, half the stuff I'll bring will be my mom's (we don't have the same taste at all) and the other half will make me look like a giant, fuzzy puff ball :/ I mean, I don't actually care what I look like when I travel (I know some people do, I don't, I also don't care about "looking like a tourist" since I am in fact a tourist) but it's just annoying because I'll be meeting fannish friends for the first time and it sucks to meet new people you like while you feel like you're wearing someone else's clothes.

Meanwhile youtube made me watch 2+ minutes of a sanitary pads commercial before it would let me see a 30 second promo for next week's Outlander. Which is either extremely fitting or one of the best symbolic expressions of the patriarchy I've ever seen.

about last week's outlander )

In other news, if anyone wants me to tell them what Outlander and Battlestar Galactica have in common (since they were both adaptations created by the same dude) do feel free, because I have Thoughts.


I doubt I'll be able to announce when every chapter of this fic is posted, but while I'm able: Chapter 3 of The Way You Drink Your Coffee is up.

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Sep. 15th, 2014 07:10 pm
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Missed the Riverside train by a goddamn hair! Had to catch another train t Orange County and wait forever. I was going to be so good, and just use public transit instead of shuttling it, and in the end I caved and got a taxi for the final leg home because I could not STAND either moving my luggage further or waiting another hour. I spent two hours in immigration alone, ugh.

On the plus side, my new Asus travels really well. On the con side, I really need to get another AC adapter for it.

I am sure I've been traveling some 45+ hours and only slept properly for 6 of them. Going to turn in early tonight.

I watched Belle and Snowpiercer on the plane(s)! What great movies. I don't think I could watch Snowpiercer again anytime soon; it's so intense! Belle is a really satisfying movie tho. I killed time with X-Men Days of Future Past and I DID NOT KNOW BLINK WAS ASIAN.

I did one of those "cultural experiences" art and crafts things at Incheon airport; seems they switch it up every month or so. This time they were offering lacquered pendants; you put on the abalone pieces yourself with a toothpick. I'll selfie with it later.

I'm feeling pretty glad I volunteered for the MA grad orientation rather than insist on doing the PhD one, since that's on Wednesday and not tomorrow because I am feeling kind of rotten right now.

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Sep. 15th, 2014 08:57 am
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Theme week begins now. Please post poems relating to the theme of music this week. Please tag them with the words theme:music.


Sep. 14th, 2014 06:35 pm
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So, at last, after a YEAR, I am actually posting my ~epic~ 40k AU where Patrick Kane is a pro dom and Jonathan Toews is his client. I'll be posting all 9 chapters over the coming weeks (posted the first two chapters last night and this afternoon) and since as of chapter 2 we get into the explicit stuff, I figure it's time to announce it ~officially~.

The Way You Drink Your Coffee (7890 words) by sabrina_il
Chapters: 2/9
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews
Summary: Patrick Kane is a professional dominant, Jonathan Toews is his client.

It has been SUCH A FUCKING JOURNEY with this fic, guys. I kept myself from adding this as a disclaimer on AO3, but let me just say it here: the fact that I worked on this for a year is not reflected in this fic being ~brilliant~ or whatever. I am a just a fuck up, OK, do not think amount of effort I spent on this = quality.

I am so far not regretting the decision to post this in chapters. I'm sure posting it all at once would have been a different kind of rush, but this way I got to wake up and get a bunch of comments on how people REALLY LOVE THIS AND WANT MORE. I've never had that with a fic before! It's really cool to see what people respond to, so far. I think/hope I've structured the fic in a way where it keeps getting better/more intense/more interesting, so I hope the people who are enjoying it now will continue to enjoy it even more as it progresses.

Also, I can't believe there are still people left in hockey fandom who haven't read this considering how many people helped beta it, lol. I needed A LOT OF HELP, guys. And still do. I'm praying [personal profile] roga has time after she gets home from her corporate retreat to look over shit because there are still a few scenes I need copy-edited.

Anyway, I love this fic, a lot. I have zero expectations about people reading it in parts - I mean, I hope they'll read it when it's fully posted, but the chapter-by-chapter thing is just an experiment I'm doing for me, so, no expectations about how it'll work out.

OK. POSTED. ANNOUNCED. Will now go and watch Outlander and maybe make dinner. ♥

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Sep. 13th, 2014 11:06 pm
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Wow, I slept at 2am last night winding down from the party, and then woke up at 5am for whatever, and got out of bed at 7 because my brother was told to take me to Gasing Hill for a hike. We had to send the maids downtown first, but yeah. Then I showered, we went to eat, and then I headed straight to Jaya One for my meeting with my dad's friend. She wants to develop a kind of kids' camp that would give youth a space to express themselves as freely as possible, to give them their own platform and community with which to exchange ideas in a somewhat safe space. She's been doing little "unity" projects of encouraging little kids to say nice things about people from other races. I told her that I've studied critical race theory and critical multiculturalism, explained to her a bit of what that entailed, and she was very interested in knowing if it could be taught to teens. I told her I could run it seminar format, assign readings, come up with a syllabus. Three weeks, two seminars a week, two and a half hours each seminar, run as an intensive course, just to give then a start in talking about these issues. She asked me for a quote, I calculated real quick how much I get paid by the hour in the States and just gave her an estimate of what that might sound in ringgit.

Then I went to a nearby cafe to futz around and have some cheesecake on my own, and write maybe 30 more words on my prospectus which has been sadly neglected. I will have to really get back to it when I get to California. Kat came to get me, and then we drove to Taman Paramount's LRT to pick Zarrah up, and the three of us went to Hop Hop Cafe, which is a bunny cafe in my town! Then around 8pm I went to have dinner with my family and another family.

So yeah. Still socializing. I have to pack all day tomorrow BUT in the morning I'm meeting Nin Harris, of Delinquent's Spice!!! SO EXCITED.

Some nice things about SPIRITS ABROAD

Sep. 12th, 2014 08:32 pm
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[personal profile] qian

There’s been some nice things said of SPIRITS ABROAD of late! I retweet the links as I come across them in my feed, but it’s nice to have them somewhere more permanent as well, so here’s a collection.

A review of SPIRITS ABROAD in The Star by Subashini Navaratnam

My book is in The Star! ^_^ So cool la. Reviewer says: “These stories refreshingly reimagine the idea of home and tradition and family without offering tidy or pat resolutions.”

Another long, thoughtful review by kamo

I’m too shy to dive into the post to pull out a summary line (since unlike a newspaper article it doesn’t have one at the top), but it was quite odd because I read this and Subashini’s article on the same day, and they have interesting parallels and distinctions.

The very cool Sunil Patel commissioned the very cool Mark of Mark Does Stuff to read two of my stories! I think they’re each spread over three videos, but I’ll just post the first part of each la.



Edited to add: I didn’t even know he’d done The Perseverance of Angela’s Past Life as well! This isn’t in the paperback version of SPIRITS ABROAD (I am going to put it in the ebook, just so it and Prudence are together), but you can read it online, of course. Thanks to hebethen for the tip.


And this doesn’t really fit in a list of things about SPIRITS ABROAD, but the second of Rochita Loenen-Ruiz‘s two most recent pieces for her Strange Horizons column mentions the book in passing:

At Nine Worlds, I purchased a copy of Zen Cho’s beautiful collection entitled Spirits Abroad, published by the Malaysian press Buku Fixi. I was struck by the publisher’s manifesto, which appears on the back of the flyleaf. In this manifesto, the publisher states:

We will not use italics for non-American/non-English terms.

The publisher then goes on to say: “Nasi lemak and kongkek are some of the pleasures of Malaysian life that should be celebrated without apology; italics are a form of apology.”

So if I have done nothing else with my writing, I have been instrumental in ensuring the appearance of the word kongkek on Strange Horizons.

You can read Rochita’s articles here:
Translations, the Mother Tongue, and Acts of Resistance (Part 1)
Translations, the Mother Tongue, and Acts of Resistance (Part 2)

Details of how to get SPIRITS ABROAD are here, and an ebook will be available soon. SOON!

Mirrored from Zen Cho.

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Sep. 12th, 2014 08:23 am
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Theme week will begin Monday Sept. 15th, and our theme is music. I will post again on Monday to let you know it is time to begin posting your selections.

On a happier note:

Sep. 12th, 2014 02:20 pm
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I am thirty today! I was officially born at 9.27am (I saw my birth cert the other day for some reason) so it's been a while. Roy and I have been marinading things all day. I have a bucket of chicken sitting in Coca-cola because I thought it would be a good idea but now Roy wants me to re-marinade the chicken and use honey instead. He's going to start up the grill around 6pm and I have to figure out drinks and salad appetizers. Also plates. Haha. I have such trouble in a house where I know nothing of its contents.

I have a few Tumblr friends coming over, KKJ mates, an old schoolmate, a Twitter friend, and my little cousin (who is baking me cake!). Around a dozen of us. My brother's BBQing lamb, chicken wings, and I convinced him to try stingray.

Hopefully we'll have enough food (Roy thinks we've got too much) and hopefully everybody will get along (I am usually more discriminatory about who I choose to invite and have mix together) (but we are mostly all nerds so it should be fine).

Woo woo!

EDIT: Thanks for the birthday wishes! Party was great. Ray came earlier to drop off the cake because she couldn't make it. (She also brought her new car! It's tiny just like her!) The cake was marvellous. The company was marvellous. We played a round of Politico. It was great fun! Possibly because I won. It was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures! For drinks I pulled out a really nice bowl and bought several things of juice and mixed them up, just because I could. (I used to do it with soda when I was younger.)

Stingray is also an amazing fish and I wish I had more of it.
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From colony collapse metaphor. About the poet.

Philip Jenks

And that's me over there by the dandelions
Oppositionally, a man wears a gigantic hat
Plummets into the bins for bottles and cans,
Things that are returnable show up in the morning.

I contend to my weed friends that we shop up
Everywhere, growth inimitable trajectories
You won't look up but I love you just the same
As if you were God, as you are.

Cracky pavement pushes you into the world.
A scientist came and measured the length of
Each duration, for life; takes notes to watch us die.
Once he recorded the ecstatic explanation.

When he played it back, everything you said or did
Ran down into the hole, backwards. Even the stars
Possessed with the dark ran down
Into it, each one a mole with a little secret,
Burning burrows underground.

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Sep. 11th, 2014 02:06 pm
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1. Strolled into the grocery store at 7am this morning, purchased two bottles of wine.

2. I've realized how to best describe "Outlander" to geeky friends. Gabaldon's books are to the show what Martin's books would have been to a truly excellent adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire.

3. I have one scene left to rewrite - ONE! - and then I move on to the line beta for the 40k hockey fic. I already have notes for the entire fic (!!!) so it'll just be about implementing those. Guys, I could post the first chapter of pro dom!Kaner this weekend.

(Incidentally, since I do have that one scene to rewrite - if anyone wants to volunteer to do a line edit for a few thousand words of fic (no canon knowledge necessary) do let me know. I won't be able to send it to you for a few days and you'll have a few days to get back to me.)

4. I have been doing so much work at work. So much. I keep coming in early and spending all day actually working and still today I had a meeting with my boss and he looked over my project and went "wow, there's still a ton of work left to do here." And I wanted to sob. There is a ton of work, and I have to finish it before I leave for vacation, and it's overall despair-inducing.

5. What is not despair-inducing? Australian colleague is apparently quitting! \\\\\\o//////

6. God I am so tired and hungry and full of despair and I have a busy, hectic weekend ahead. Tonight will be sushi and alcohol and friends and a long ride up north on a crowded train and I'm very much OK with that.


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