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May. 26th, 2017 07:38 am
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Someone who physically assaulted a reporter for asking uncomfortable questions about policy just got elected to Congress by a margin of 6 points.

on acts of divine providence...

May. 24th, 2017 08:47 pm
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This is (almost) the best.

another round of recs

May. 21st, 2017 04:21 pm
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I'm obsessively reading Nirvana in Fire and YOI fic lately, so here is a list of recent things that made me gleeful!

- In Time, Once Again (English translation), MCS/Jingyan
- Lithograph, which is a more serious/feelsy followup to Palimpsest's hilarious setup, both MCS/Jingyan
- Woman King, Sword in Hand, aka EMPRESS NIHUANG with OT3!! ♥ (I wish there were more OT3 stories)
- in price, a pearl, MCS/Jingyan

YOI: more things probably most of you have read & maybe a couple you haven't?
- Five Things Yuri Plisetsky Loves Very Loudly (and a quiet one who loves him back), maybe the most satisfying Otayuri I've read to date ♥
- here on the roof of the world, Viktuuri a la jibrailis, who is magic :D
- have you heard there's a rumour in st. petersburg (series), Viktuuri + various Russian skaters, aka one of my favorite things!
- Yuuri!!! on Floor, yet another satisfying alternate-sports world ♥
- If It's You, Viktuuri's media-related shenanigans
- Half a Chance, featuring a chain of love stories, inadvisable crushes, and Yuri figuring out his ~FEELINGS~ which is never not the best thing
- The Boy Who Watched, the secret fanboy life of Viktor Nikiforov? or something like it
- rose-colored boy, PHICHIT MY PRECIOUS ♥
- And Baby Makes Three, one of the very specific scenarios I find more entertaining than Viktuuri on their own
- Back and Forth, another cute (and illustrated!) Otayuri :D

Montana special election

May. 20th, 2017 02:18 pm
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There's currently a Special Election being held in Montana, to replace Ryan Zinke, who Trump tapped as Interior Secretary. The polls close on May 25th. The Democratic candidate, Rob Quist, is pretty awesome -- a folk singer who ends his rallies with songs he's written, with a career in public service, a staunch opponent of privatizing public lands, pro single payer health system (and very strongly so -- he went into debt because of a botched surgery that left him ineligible for affordable health insurance), and pro-choice.

The Democratic establishment was initially bent on ignoring him, considering the race a sure loss, while Republicans PACs poured millions to prop up their candidate, the cardboard cut-out plutocrat Gainforte. But Quist continued drawing huge crowds to his rallies, raised much more money via small donors than anyone expected him to, and the establishment and media finally started taking notice.

They're now calling this race a referendum on Trump's presidency and policies. I think they're right to characterize it this way. The GOP nominee Gainforte had previously run for governor in 2016. But at that time, he'd distanced himself from Trump, going so far as to refuse to attend Trump's rally. He lost the race for governor in a state that Trump won by 20 points. Now he's turned into a die-hard Trump booster, believing that no matter what happens, just like before, the majority of voters in his district will continue blindly supporting Trump, and tear down anyone who doesn't.

Strategists believe Gainforte holds a single-digit lead, but there have been no official polls done, and the margin of error going either way is high. A GOP loss could have a large impact on things such as the American Health Care Atrocity, Congress braking the country's slide to autocracy, etc. (It took a special election in 1974 to convince Washington that Nixon had become toxic.)

Anyway, I'm really hoping for a win, both because I think the candidate is amazing, and because of what it would mean.

You can donate to Quist's campaign here.


ETA: A group of 40 Montana writers distributed an insert in local Montana papers endorsing Quist. In their own words -- "In an unprecedented show of unity, more than forty of Montana’s best writers have gathered, in rapid response fashion, to write original essays and testimonials advocating for the protection of our public lands, and endorsing Democratic House of Representatives candidate Rob Quist’s position on this (literally) most common ground of issues."

It’s possible, even useful, to think of these places instrumentally: wild lands make for clean water which makes for good fishing which is good for tourism, etc. There are sound practical reasons to preserve our wilderness. But these are not my reasons. I want to be touched by mystery, to walk in a place that surpasses my idea of it, to not be in charge for once. I want to touch something greater than myself. And this is where it is.
It's a brilliant collection.
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Sewing patterns are designed for imaginary
people, based on average measurements
taken in the 1930s by the WPA

and adjusted over the decades by the Industry.

I sew a Misses 14, designed for a woman
5'5" to 5'6", 36/28/38,

which is to say no one,

so I alter the pattern to fit a phantom of me
instead of a phantom of her.

She doesn't need any more dresses.

life stuff

May. 18th, 2017 10:13 am
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I've been anxious this week for some unknown reason. Like, waking up before my alarm, trouble going to sleep, dreams about work and other things that dreams should not be about.

just some life stuff )

Moreover, the Moon ---

May. 15th, 2017 11:50 am
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Face of the skies
over our wonder.

truant of heaven
draw us under.

Silver, circular corpse
your decease
infects us with unendurable ease,

touching nerve-terminals
to thermal icicles

Coercive as coma, frail as bloom
innuendoes of your inverse dawn
suffuse the self;
our every corpuscle become an elf.

a cover revealed

May. 15th, 2017 05:17 pm
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Oh hey guys, we've talked about how I'm going to publish that novella I've been carrying around in a drawer for a decade right?

Well, it now has a cover :D

In other news, I should have the epub file done by now but of course HTML is driving me UP THE WALL >_< (don't ask why I'm formatting the epub myself instead of feeding it into a converter, DO NOT ASK).

Basically, the text has a lot of scene breaks with asterisks (like "***") and I need there to be at least one line of empty space before and after those asterisks! I've tried using your standard < p > to create empty lines, but nope! UGH.

If the spacing doesn't work I might need to have each scene begin on a new page (i.e. insert a pagebreak) but I don't know how to consistently do that when coding an epub either >_< (I've been using this guide which doesn't address any of those problems).

social things are weird

May. 14th, 2017 11:37 am
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So, this post has been much delayed. Here's hoping I can actually finish it and hit post today.

Previously: I gave a lecture at a con for the first time. It went pretty well. But the lecture was on the first half of the first day of the con, and for some reason in my head that was the "end" of it? Like in my imagination, in my budgeting of mental energy, I really only planned as far as "deliver lecture!" then like, go for lunch with friends who all came down for the lecture. And that's it! There was technically still another 1.5 days to the con, but in my head they would just go by as they usually would? Uneventful and undemanding?

Things worked out differently.

things )
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by Richard Siken

The Love Song of the Square Root of Minus One (i)

I am the wind and the wind is invisible, all the leaves tremble but I am invisible, blackbird over the dark field but I am invisible, what fills the balloon and what it moves through, knot without rope, bloom without flower, galloping without the horse, the spirit of the thing without the thing, location without dimension, without a within, song without throat, word without ink, wingless flight, dark boat in the dark night, shine without light, pure velocity, as the hammer is a hammer when it hits the nail and the nail is a nail when it meets the wood and the invisible table begins to appear out of mind, pure mind, out of nothing, pure thinking, hand of the mind, hand of the emperor, arm of the empire, void and vessel, sheath and shear, and wider, and deeper, more vast, more sure, through silence, through darkness, a vector, a violence, and even farther, and even worse, between, before, behind, and under, and even stronger, and even further, beyond form, beyond number, I labor, I lumber, I fumble forward through the valley as winter, as water, a shift in the river, I mist and frost, flexible and elastic to the task, a fountain of gravity, space curves around me, I thirst, I hunger, I spark, I burn, force and field, force and counterforce, agent and agency, push to your pull, parabola of will, massless mass and formless form, dreamless dream and nameless name, intent and rapturous, rare and inevitable, I am the thing that is hurtling towards you...

The Love Song of the Square Root of Minus One (ii)

I am the hand that lifts the rock, I am the eye that sees the worm, I am the mind that strings the worm and throws the line and feels the tug, the flex in the pole, the key in the lock, as the root breaks rock, as sunlight streams across the plain to make the world visible again, foot by foot, I find the groove, the trace in the thicket, seed to flower to fruit to seed, a holy pilgrim moving through the stations of the yardstick, I track, I follow, a flashlight, a crowbar, I find the fulcrum, I hinge and turn, a simple machine, frictionless and efficient as an equal sign, I manifest, votive and incandescent, shrinking the space between here and there I become the future, as drowsiness overcomes the dreamer, as the eye of the archer is the eye of the target, I flip and fold, I superimpose, the letter delivered, the year decembered, I become location, plum pit and apple core, I am motionless and you veer towards me, the eye to which you are relative, single point, silent witness, there to your here, I decide and calibrate, magnetized for your revelation, the doors burst open, I am your outcome, the verb in the sentence, intransitive, end of the road, hook and bait, polestar and checkmate, time and space as I observe them serve me like gravity, lamp to your moth, dot to your map, home and heart and hearth, a selfishness, submit, surrender, I am your arrival, there is no refusal, we are here, you see, together, we are already here...
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